Nutrition + Training

I am passionate about and extremely invested in my nutrition and training. My blog posts will consist of typical meals I make, meal prep ideas, grocery hauls, nutrition advice, workout ideas, a day of my training, and more.

I currently use MyFitnessPal (add me by username: tiffanyboyer) and track my macros through the app. I weigh and measure my food. I log my food. BUT.. when I’m not in competition prep, I seek balance. I do not hit my macros perfectly every day. I may not track, weigh, or log on the weekend some days. I believe nutrition is extremely important in general but even more crucial when you are training competitively as I am now.

Supplements also play a huge role. I am a huge fan of:

Run Everything Labs (Pre Workout, Protein + BCAAS)
Evogen (Pre Workout, Lipocide & Carnigen)
Kaged Muscle (Glutamine, Hyrda Charge & Protein)
Devotion Nutrition (Protein & Flex Flavors)

I also make sure to always take my vitamins daily including Fish Oil, Biotin, Magnesium, and Vitamin D/C & B, Liver Detoxifyer, Probiotics, Fishoil & Glutamine. I only take pre-workout before working out when I really need it, and am also a huge fan of BANG energy drinks.

I follow my own training programming, write my own workouts that are mostly inspired from my two idols: Nicole Wilkins & Dana Linn Bailey. I work on things I love but also work on my weaknesses. I spend anywhere from 1-4 hours a day training depending on my schedule.